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Inspire Newsletter - August 2022

Welcome to the Inspire newsletter! Each issue will show you how LIFEworks is working to LIFT, INSPIRE, FULFILL and EMPOWER our neighbors.


We can always use your help in lifting our community. You can make a one-time donation or become a sustaining partner with a recurring monthly gift of $10 or more.


hese words from Phillip Sorrels, a food Delivery and microgrant recipient, let us know that our services are needed:

Without LIFEworks Project providing food boxes and other assistance there would have been weeks I went without food.


We FULFILL our mission of filling support gaps through a multitude of partnerships. The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Allegheny Mountain Institute, Project Grows and Augusta Health's Food Farmacy help LWP provide education, supplemental fresh produce, and USDA groceries to dinner tables.

We began serving Waynesboro at Fairfax Hall in October of 2021. We quickly expanded food distribution to its neighbors on Commerce Street as well as Parkway Village and Springdale Apartments. We also spear headed a food distribution service at Wenonah Elementary School that will reopen for the academic year to ensure healthy food is available for children and families. We will begin service in Staunton this fall.


We EMPOWER our clients with economic and social supports. In addition to our food distributions that meet people where they are, LWP offers short term financial assistance we call microgrants. These emergency funds help households mitigate unexpected financial challenges.

This assistance is available once a quarter, but no more than twice per year, and has helped with a variety of barrier expenses. To date LWP microgrants have kept utilities on, purchased much needed medicine, covered day care expenses and have provided many other practical supports to keep our neighbors stable.


To date, LWP has distributed over 17,000 pounds of food and more than 39 microgrants totaling $3,000. Help us spread the word that LWP is here to support our community!

LWP by the numbers - share this on your social media!

Gear Support

In addition to donations, we're always in need of people to join Gear Support - our squad of volunteers! Interested? Email for more information and to sign up!

Thanks for reading!

Team LWP

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