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The LIFEworks Project currently serves Waynesboro, Staunton, Augusta County, Harrisonburg, and Rockingham County. Let us know if we can serve YOU.

Mission & Vision

The LIFEworks Project mission is to empower our neighbors with practical supports to uplift and thrive.

Our vision is to live in a community free of homelessness and food insecurity, that ensures no one is underserved.



The goal of LIFEworks is to provide

positive, practical supports in our community. Along with our own initiatives, we are happy to join wheels that are already turning and support them to create better outcomes for those in need. 


Our Board/Team.

LIFEworks has a working board which means that we don't shy away from getting our hands dirty.

Adrienne Young
Executive Director

Adrienne Young is a Case Manager at the local Community Services Board. She also worked for over 13 years as the Family Programming Coordinator at the Waynesboro Public Library creating literacy events and learning opportunities for children and families in the City of Waynesboro.


Adrienne, local advocate and activist for social justice and equity, was a founding member of the Poor People’s Campaign of Shenandoah Valley, served on the board of the Virginia Network for Democracy and Environmental Rights and is a member of Virginia Organizing.

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